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Let your LIPS trail across the soft white surface of my skin

And straight down the tender bridge of my spine,

Allowing your fingers to massage my body with pleasure,

Unlocking the secrets of your dirtiest, lustful fantasies,

My sweet, sexy screams will light your soul on fire

All sources of speech vanquish into thin air

Your tongue drinks from the river of  heaven’s ocean’s

Intensifying your castle of steamy, hot dreams.

Gently you will seduce each spot with caution

For each spot is dangerously tender

One slick touch of pressure and

from me will erupt a sexual volcano.

You will whisper to me in devilishly, fancy tones

I will whisper back in sensually, sacred moans

With no hesitation, you  move in for one final kiss

Our tongues rub each other sparking our taste buds

Bringing a marvelous ocean of  ECSTASY.